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Man has always dreamed of "The Ideal Society" where the individual enjoys its rights and fulfills its duties towards itself as well as others. A society where hunger, injustice and poverty do not exist


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Utopia Today

Cycle meeting 2018

Greetings from the Utopia Administration to all employees in all departments of the company for the success...

2017 Best Achievers Medical Rep.

  Part of the honoring UTOPIA 2016 Best Achievers Medical Rep. Line 4,3,2&1...

Utopia Academy Events

Photo of Utopia Academy members for the first half of 2015

Science Today

Telomerase discovery paves way for drugs to combat aging and cancer

Telomerase adds short regions of DNA called telomeres to the ends of chromosomes, which prevent the loss of...

Early time-restricted feeding improves blood sugar control and blood pressure, study shows

A new pilot study conducted by UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences Assistant Professor Courtney Peterson, Ph...

Consuming more than five drinks a week could shorten your life

Regularly drinking more than the recommended UK guidelines for alcohol could take years off your life,...