Core Valus


We are committed to provide the highest levels of quality regarding:

  • The quality of Pharmaceutical products
  • Quality of the performance of our employees
  • Quality of the services we provide

Our Customers

We work hard to provide our customers with their needs of effective and safe pharmaceutical products for reasonable prices with the aim of obtaining the confidence of our customers.

Values and Principals

We are committed to the highest standards of values and principles as we believe in our responsibilities towards our society and customers; therefore we do not accept any underestimation of the rights or principles in which we believe.

Personnel and Employees

We believe that our employees are the major force behind our success; therefore we work hard to find new means to make the work atmosphere more comfortable and to provide employment opportunities based on justice and transparency for all.


We are always preoccupied with our main goal that is to provide our society and its individuals with better services; therefore we strive to reinforce our principles through which we wish to contribute to support the pharmaceutical industry and participate in the development of the economy of our nation.


We are well aware that hard and continuous work is the only valid way for the success of individuals and nation; therefore we encourage all our employees to respect work and to be committed to the principals of honesty, loyalty and giving.