Word from Managing Director

"today,Egypt is currently witnessing a rapid and ongoing development in all industrial fields and we can never imagine a developed society that is not making the pharmaceutical industry one of its priorities. Pharmaceutical products represent one of the four essential requirements in human life; namely (food, housing, clothing and medicine). I believe that this is the time we talk about a new phase in the history of pharmaceutical industry; particularly after the Egyptian Ministry of Health had made great developments in the field of pharmaceutical industry to improve the industry in a manner that enables Egypt to regain its post in the field, to obtain new patents and to confront the domination of the developed countries in the WTO and WIPO, in addition to the development of Egyptian pharmaceutical factories in accordance with the international standards of quality in the USA through FDA and the European Union represented in the EMEA.

We, in Utopia Company, are so keen to take a major part in creating the future of the pharmaceuticals' market in Egypt, the neighboring markets and the international markets. Our aim is not to merely add a number of products to the market due to the fact that we are fully aware of the importance of this industry and its direct impact on the citizens' health, consequently, its impact on the rates of human and economic development. Thus we dedicate all our efforts to specific objectives, namely: I. patients who come top on list as it is their right to get safe and effective pharmaceutical products from a trustworthy and honest source; a pharmaceutical product that kills pain so that the patients are enabled to carry out their duties towards themselves and their societies. II. Our employees who have the right to be working in a good atmosphere, that we work very hard to make it ideal for them, and to enjoy all their rights that suite their efforts and contributions to the Company, taking into consideration the economic changes and the requirements of life these days. III. Customers, as we work hard to enhance confidence and transparency with our customers, hoping that our customers will share us our strive towards added values and the ideal environment that we dream of in order to make the concept of Utopia come true and provide the life that humans deserve.

Dr. Al Saied Kamel 
Managing Director